One of Alaska’s most beautiful and exotic ports, Sitka’s past is heavily linked to the Russian colonisation of the 19th century.

Photo of Cathedral of Saint Michael the Archangel in Sitka

Cathedral of Saint Michael the Archangel

Located on the western shoreline of Baranof Island, the city saw its beginnings as a native fort camp but, when a Russian settlement was established not far from here, tensions quickly escalated.  This fascinating Citywalksz tour tells the tale of how legendary Alexander Baranof’s fur trade came to displace the indigenous tribe at the Battle of Sitka, the growth of New Archangel as capital, Russia’s first colony in Southeast Alaska, the unique role Sitka played at the changeover of power from Russian America to the United States, and what the city has become.  Visit some truly wonderful places such as a magnificent Orthodox cathedral, a bird rehabilitation center, Alaska’s best collection of native artifacts, an enchanting Russian cemetery, and even the site of the Battle of Sitka.  Packed with history and fun facts, this tour is simply not to be missed.

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