The best-preserved historical city in Alaska, Skagway was once the Gateway to the Klondike Gold Fields, and its past is steeped in Gold Rush lore.

Skagway prospectors

Gold prospectors face the harsh journey to the Klondike

Founded as a single log cabin in 1887, the settlement of Skagway boomed overnight when news of the discovery of gold first reached the United States a decade later.  From a population of only a handful of individuals, the area saw tens of thousands of prospectors pass through here on their way to the Yukon.  Let Citywalksz guide you along the main thoroughfare of Broadway, detailing the stories of the men and women who took Skagway from a notorious and lawless township run by criminals to one of Alaska’s premier tourist spots.  Visit 19th century saloons, experience the museums that bring the history of the Klondike Gold Rush to life, or ride on the famous White Pass and Yukon Railroad to witness the stunning landscape and appreciate the hard journeys faced by the gold miners.  This and much more await on this fantastic Citywalksz tour.

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