New York City

Often referred to as the ‘Capital of the World’, the sky-scraping metropolis of New York City is as vast and diverse as anywhere on the planet.

New York walking tour artwork

Evening in Times Square

Let Citywalksz take you on a tour of Midtown Manhattan, the hub of the city’s culture and grand history with a collection of some of the most iconic locations in the world.  Learn about the theatre origins of Broadway, the Mafia’s influence on Times Square, the Empire State and Chrysler Buildings’ speedy construction during the Great Depression, how Grand Central Terminal came to be the largest railway station in the world, why taxi cabs are yellow, and more, completing your audio tour with an optional visit to Central Park.  Our interesting and informative guide will delve into both the famous and lesser-known stories of Midtown’s past, as well as touch on the history of Lower Manhattan’s landmarks.

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